The Only Site Specific Orthodontic Anchor Developed Using Orthopedic Principles

We are excited to bring you this new portal of orthoTAD content! The owners consist of an orthodontist, an oral/maxillofacial surgeon and a medical screw manufacturer, unique to this industry! We believe having direct access to training videos, email support, ordering, fast shipping and an FDA approved, patented product, the surgeon or orthodontist has the best opportunity to succeed in the skeletal anchor part of their practice.

We have partnered with for payment processing. is known worldwide as the leader in security and customer confidence. If, however you prefer to process manually, you can do so thru our customer support, but it does take longer to process orders. orthoTAD assures same day shipping.  Rush orders can now also be processed!

We are also excited about offering you new and improved auxiliary placement and removal instruments that assist you in efficient and comfortable placement and removal. I would like to thank each and every one of our loyal doctors who understand the value of a TAD that stays in for the duration of need.

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